EKOS International is a leading sustainability consulting firm helping companies accelerate sustainable business innovation for bottom line results and contribution to the world. We partner with executives, CSR leaders, and business unit managers to define strategies, develop implementation roadmaps, and lead initiatives that capitalize on sustainability-related business opportunities and respond to increasing expectations of customers, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders for socially and environmentally responsible products, processes, and services. We drive the organizational transformation now required by global economic, social and environmental trends to create sustainable value.

Founded in 1996 EKOS is one of the thought-leading firms in the country guiding organizations as they integrate social, environmental, and economic sustainability into enterprise-wide business strategy, and embed sustainability into product innovation, world-class operations, business development, and new ventures.

Our vanguard clients are creating innovative sustainable business models, strategies, and product designs that will drive success in the new economy.

EKOS provides sustainability strategy consulting; benchmarking research; executive and management education, employee engagement guidance; and effective CSR/sustainability reports and communications.

Our extensive research and database of global best practices in sustainable technologies and world class management---together with our years of implementation work in the trenches of organizational change---make us unique in the field.

EKOS helps clients achieve breakthroughs in business design, strategic positioning, branding, product and process design, customer relations, production and operations, employee and stakeholder engagement, human resource practices, and value stream management.

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Value Stream Coffee Game icon Value Stream Coffee Gameâ„¢
Use our dynamic (and fun) Value Stream Coffee Game to demonstrate benefits of managing across the entire value stream from suppliers suppliers to customers' customers.
To Schedule a Workshop, email inquiry [at] ekosi [dot] com

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Mapping the Journey icon Our Book: Mapping the Journey
Illuminating case studies of companies like Volvo, Sony, and Patagonia using sustainable design and production. Demonstrates business rationale and bottom line benefits.
The book is available at Amazon.com and Greenleaf.com

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Igniting the Core:
EKOS Benchmarking Study
on Employee Engagement & Sustainability

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EKOS Services for Employee Engagement & Sustainability

Presentations of the report findings

Workshops to meet your specific priorities

Assessment of your EE practices against best practices highlighted in the report.

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